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Welcome to the IELTS with James pages where you can get all the information you need about the IELTS exam.

Some basic information

IELTS is the predominant English language test required when you want to study in the UK and stands for International English Language Testing System.  Exams are typically run through the British Council and Cambridge University and, depending on what/where you are wanting to study, the required marks range from 4.0 (minimum, unless you are going to the UK to study English) to 7.5 (required by Oxford, Cambridge and LSE universities for some courses.)

I currently offer classes in all the aspects of IELTS – Speaking, Writing, Reading and Listening

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Academic mean performance - Highest, Lowest and China (2019)


Germany – 7.7

Oman – 5.0

China – 6.2


Germany – 7.9

United Arab Emirates – 5.0

China – 5.9


Germany – 6.3

Qatar/Saudi Arabia – 5.0

China – 5.5


Germany – 7.4

China/United Arab Emirates – 5.4

China – 5.4