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IELTS with James - 雅思詹姆斯

IELTS with James

IELTS with James or 雅思詹姆斯  is where students can find me and ask for help with their IELTS.

I can be found on WeChat, WeiBo, DouYin and many other platforms offering free advice, tips and videos to help you improve your IELTS score.

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IELTS with James is part of EDUZMS, which is owned by SUGI Ltd., as a member of the team that specialises in IELTS training and have co-developed all the On-Line EDUZMS courses.

You can book any of my IELTS courses through the site.

The organisers of IELTS

The organisers/writers/marketers of the IELTS exam are:

  • Cambrdige Assessment (who basically write it)
  • The British Council (who run all the exams worldwide)
  • IDP (who run exams in Australia and stamp the certificates)