Teacher Training in FangShan, Beijing

IELTS with James - 雅思詹姆斯
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Happy to be helping teachers of the next generation of kids - 很高兴能帮助下一代孩子的老师​

Teacher Training - James
James with students - 詹姆斯和学生们在一起
Teacher Training - College building
FangShan Teacher Training Collège - 房山师范学院
Teacher Training - Issac
Issac with students - Issac 跟学生在一起
Teacher Training - Lisa
Lisa with students - Lisa 跟学生在一起




It was wonderful to be part of the Teacher Training programme again this year in July.  This time I could actually meet the students in person, because last year when we did this, we performed it online so they knew me, but I hadn’t actually seen many of them.

It was also wonderful to meet ‘again’ Lisa and Issac, both wonderful teachers and people.

A big thanks to Effie and all at BFSU for arranging this fantastic program that ultimately benefits the next generation of school kids.

See you all next year!!